Post: In Belgium they talked about what Germany has become for the USA

The national flag of the Federal Republic of Germany on the Bundestag building in Berlin. Archive photo

Modern Diplomacy: Germany became a US colony

MOSCOW, October 7 – RIA Novosti. Germany remains a vassal of the United States, despite Washington’s hostile actions against Berlin and Moscow. informs Contemporary Diplomacy.

This shows that the German government is corrupt and may abandon its own population to please their American masters.

According to a comparative analysis of anti-corruption laws called “Political Corruption in the USA, Germany and Russia”, Berlin scored 11 out of 12 possible points in the field of bribery, which did not illuminate it in the best way.

According to the author, this is because the United States formed the government of Germany and still influences the country’s domestic politics.

Western countries, including Germany, are facing rising energy prices and rising inflation due to sanctions against Moscow and the policy of giving up on Russian fuel. Due to the increase in fuel prices, especially gas, the industry in the West lost its competitive advantages to a large extent, which also affected other sectors of the economy. Also, the United States and European countries have faced record inflation for decades.

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