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Post: Joint exercises of CSTO Collective Forces ended in Kazakhstan


Flags of states that are members of the CSTO. Archive photo

Russian Ministry of Defense: Joint exercises of CSTO Collective Forces in Kazakhstan ended

MOSCOW, October 8 – RIA Novosti. The Russian Ministry of Defense said on Saturday that the joint exercises of the CSTO Collective Forces in Kazakhstan have come to an end.

On the last day of the Collective Rapid Reaction Forces “Interaction”, “Poisk” and “Echelon” exercises, the military units of the CSTO member states implemented the actions of a special multi-part group to repel a false enemy. The task of the united group was to repel the attack of the “enemy”, to inflict maximum casualties and to create conditions for launching a counterattack,” he said.

They noted that all means of defeating the troop with air, ground, radar, optoelectronic reconnaissance support operate on a single information and battlefield.

The crews of Su-30SM multifunctional fighters, Su-25 attack aircraft, Mi-17, Mi-35M army aviation helicopters struck ground targets of a false enemy with unguided and guided aircraft missiles and bombs.

With the S-295 aircraft, the pilots of military transport aviation completed the tasks of transferring military equipment, ammunition and tactical landing forces to the conditional zones.

During the exercises, actions were also taken to repel a variety of air assault weapons, from air missile strikes to drones.

The active phase of the command and personnel exercises of the CSTO “Interaction-2022” Collective Rapid Response Forces, special exercises “Poisk-2022” with reconnaissance forces and vehicles, and “Echelon-2022” units with logistics support, from October 3-7 in Matybulak of Kazakhstan took place in the field of education. The military units of the CSTO states discussed the issues of preparing and conducting a joint operation to localize the armed conflict in the collective security zone in Central Asia.

The total number of participants in the exercises was more than 6.5 thousand people. More than 850 military and special equipment, including aircraft, helicopters and unmanned aerial vehicles, participated in the maneuvers. The basis of the Russian contingent were the units of the Central Military District.

Source: Ria

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