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Post: Columnist American Thinker exposes hypocrisy of Biden and other party members


US President Joe Biden makes a statement at the White House. Archive photo

American Thinker columnist Laad exposes the hypocrisy of Biden and other party members

MOSCOW, October 8 – RIA Novosti. Columnist says US President Joe Biden and his Democratic Party associates are being hypocritical towards Americans american thinker Rajana Laada.

The author recalled the President’s commitment to halve April 2021 greenhouse gas emissions from 2005 levels by the end of the decade. Biden called climate change an “existential threat to the world” at the time. He later made similar statements, and his management is blocking the development of new oil and gas wells, and is also trying to abandon cars with internal combustion engines.

However, the steps of the head of state and his associates speak of their reluctance to follow their call and contribute to the achievement of the declared goal. So, the day after his speech on reducing emissions, Biden flew Air Force One to Maryland. The plane traveled 72 miles (about 120 kilometers – Approx. ed.) and released almost 200 times more harmful emissions than a car in which the president could move.

This difference of intentions and actions is not unique to Biden. Presidential special envoy for climate John Kerry travels regularly in a private jet that currently emits more than 325 metric tons of carbon dioxide.

The hypocrisy of the President’s associates is not limited to climate issues. Thus, Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez demanded that the income tax rate for the wealthy be increased to 70%, while she herself was caught in tax violations.

“The Democrats showed many double standards,” the author wrote.

Party members are in favor of cutting off police money, allegedly because of racism in their ranks, leading to the dismissal of law enforcement officers and an increase in crime. At the same time, the protection of the authorities themselves only multiplies and intensifies.

Another hypocrite, according to TAC, is California Governor Gavin Newsom. The politician refused to fund trips to Montana and 21 other states because of laws that “violated” the LGBT community, but he was also seen on vacation in the same Montana. Newsom was caught, among other things, violating the anti-covid restrictions it imposed.

The author of the publication accused Biden’s associates of other hypocritical acts: supporting rapists on the ground of speeches in defense of feminism and women’s rights, attacks on the electoral system, racism and others.

Democrats have another standard that allows them to sunbathe in luxury, live in sea-view residences, travel by private jet, go on whatever road to avoid taxes, and befriend rapists as long as it suits them.

Source: Ria

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