Post: Media: Turkey plans to hold talks between Russia and the West on Ukraine

Ankara Turkey. Archive photo

Milliyet newspaper: Turkey plans to hold negotiations between Russia and the West on Ukraine

ANKARA, 8 October – RIA Novosti. Turkey invited the USA to organize a dialogue between Western countries and Russia, author Milliyet newspaper columnist Özai Şendir.

He explained that this includes countries such as France, Germany and the UK. Ankara has so far only handed over this plan to Washington and they have responded positively to this initiative. However, the question “whether it will be possible to find a Russian interlocutor for such a dialogue” remains.

According to the article’s author, Ankara “also respects Ukraine’s will” and has always used open channels to explain the need to return to peace “without using tactical nuclear weapons.”

“Turkey is transforming from a country that can have a dialogue with both Kyiv and Moscow to a country that can act on this dialogue to get results,” Shandir said. Said. In summary, he called not to be surprised if the West and Russia came to the negotiating table in the near future thanks to Ankara.

Source: Ria

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