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Post: Media reports that a man suspected of shooting has been arrested in Canada


A view from the Vancouver Olympic Village. Archive photo

Montreal Newspaper: One person was arrested in connection with the shooting in Estrela, Canada

WASHINGTON, Oct. 9 – RIA Novosti. The suspect was detained in connection with the shooting that injured a Russian in Estrela, Canada. informs The Montreal Gazette.

A 53-year-old person was detained in connection with the incident.

The publication states that the police will soon plan to charge him.

Three people, including a Russian citizen, were injured in the shooting that took place in the Canadian city of Esterel. Valeriy Tarasenko, 54, who was injured in the attack, reportedly knew Ukrainian Inna Yashchinina, posing as the Rothschild heir (the media had previously reported the story of a scammer who identified himself as Anna Rothschild).

According to Yaschinina, Tarasenko’s parents initially hired him to take care of Valery’s underage daughter, but over time Tarasenko began to “aggressively control” her. Allegedly, the man took his passport and car key and followed him.

Earlier, it was reported that the FBI was investigating the actions of a Ukrainian native who pretended to be the heir to European bankers, visited the mansion of former US President Donald Trump last year and played golf with him.

Source: Ria

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