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Post: Central Design Bureau “Rubin”: the Russian nuclear submarine of the future will be smaller, will receive more weapons


The latest submarine “Arcturus”. Archive photo

Central Design Bureau “Rubin”: the Russian nuclear submarine of the future will become smaller, weapons and drones will get more

MOSCOW, October 10 – RIA Novosti, Sergey Safronov. Andrey Baranov, Deputy Director General of the Design Bureau of the JSC Rubin Center for Foreign Economic Activity and Military-Technical Cooperation, said that the future Russian nuclear submarine (NPS) will shrink in size, but will carry a maximum of weapons and unmanned aerial vehicles. An interview with RIA Novosti.

At the Army-2022 exhibition, Rubin presented for the first time a concept model of the next-generation nuclear submarine Arktur, which could appear in the Russian Navy in the second half of the 21st century.

“From our point of view, we have the opportunity to slightly reduce the displacement of new boats. But it is difficult to get rid of the large sizes, the versatility of the ship depends on them. It seems to us that these large boats are the future, gradually, the maximum number of various technical vehicles, including weapons should become the universal carrier platforms on which it will be placed. Said.

Therefore, according to him, in the Arcturus concept can be seen both a universal shaft for small and medium underwater drones, and outboard niches for large underwater vehicles.

“All this will allow such a boat to operate as efficiently as possible, that is, at the maximum safe distance,” added Baranov.

Now the latest nuclear submarines of projects 955 “Borey” (strategic) and 885 “Ash” (multipurpose) appear in the fleet.

TsKB “Rubin” specializes in the design of submarines and underwater unmanned vehicles. Most of the submarines in the Russian Navy were designed by Rubin – especially the strategic atomic Borey class and the non-nuclear class Varshavyanka and Lada.

Source: Ria

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