WorldMoldova analyzes risks associated with partial mobilization announcement

Moldova analyzes risks associated with partial mobilization announcement


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Moldovan Ministry of Defense: In case of risk, partial mobilization can be declared in the country

KISINAU, 11 October – RIA Novosti. Defense Minister Anatoly Nosaty said in a televised statement that in case of possible risks to Moldova’s security, a partial mobilization could be declared in the country.

Earlier, the Moldovan Defense Ministry claimed that three missiles fired from ships in the Black Sea flew over the republic on Monday. In this context, the Russian Ambassador to Chisinau Oleg Vasnetsov was summoned to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Moldova. Republic officials discussed the possibility of closing the airspace.

“General mobilization is a very complex scenario, it is not explained for a change of situation. I don’t think we will reach such a scenario. A comprehensive analysis is required, partial mobilization will be done if really necessary. He went out to prepare and increase the capacity of the armed forces to respond to threats.” said.

Nosatii noted that there are currently about 6,000 soldiers in the Moldovan army, and the weapons are mostly from the Soviet era. At the same time, the minister stressed that Moldova does not have an air defense system, and the army can only monitor missiles flying over the territory of the republic. The head of the defense department also added that the National Army could purchase the Patriot system.

“As part of the modernization of the army, Moldova can switch to a Patriot-type air defense system,” Nosatiy said. Said.

Earlier, the republican authorities announced the need to purchase weapons to strengthen the defense capacity and strengthen the borders in the context of a regional crisis. State Secretary of the Ministry of Defense Valery Mizha said that the Moldovan army will receive modern armored vehicles, communications equipment and unmanned aerial vehicles for 40 million euros under the EU program, which will double the country’s defense budget this year.

Source: Ria

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