Post: Macron said that Ukraine should start negotiations with Russia.

French President Emmanuel Macron. Archive photo

French President Macron: Ukraine will sooner or later have to start negotiations with Russia

PARIS, 12 October – RIA Novosti. French President Emmanuel Macron stated that Ukraine will have to start negotiations with Russia at some point, and that it is in the interests of both countries to return to the negotiating table.

“At some point and I want it to happen as soon as possible, all parties need to return to negotiations. I think it will be in the interest of both Ukraine and Russia,” Macron told France. said. 2 TV channels Wednesday.

“Ukraine will have to do that,” Macron said, commenting on Kiev’s reluctance to start negotiations with Russia.

Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that Russia is ready for negotiations on Ukraine and called on Kiev to immediately cease all hostilities. In response, Vladimir Zelensky said that Ukraine will conduct a dialogue with the Russian Federation only when there is another president.

Source: Ria

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