Post: Gazprom to discuss supply increase in Turkish Stream with Ankara

Compressor station “Kazachya”. Archive photo

Miller announces Ankara is ready to discuss an increase in supply via Turkish Stream

MOSCOW, 13 October – RIA Novosti. Gazprom agreed with Turkey to conduct a very quick dialogue on Russia’s proposal to channel the volumes lost in Nord Stream through Turkish Stream. It can be an indicator for gas prices. declaration the head of the gas company, Alexei Miller, is on the air of Channel One.

“The Turkish side of course showed great interest, they agreed with our colleagues, especially at the institutional level, that we will start the dialogue very, very quickly, literally, from the beginning of next week, with the Turkish Minister of Energy. And we will definitely have a private discussion on the volumes and timing of the project.” Miller answered a question about how Turkey reacted to Russia’s proposal to send the gas amounts lost in Nord Stream via Turkish Stream.

“Further understanding that we will discuss the creation of a center on the border between Turkey and the EU, a trading platform that could become a price indicator for gas supply to the markets of consumer countries.”

“Turkey’s answer is ‘yes’.

Source: Ria

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