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Post: Putin told Erdogan about sabotage in Turkish Stream


Russian President Vladimir Putin. Archive photo

President Putin informed Erdogan about sabotage against Turkish Stream

ANKARA, 18 October – RIA Novosti. Turkish Presidential Spokesperson İbrahim Kalyn said that Russian President Vladimir Putin informed his Turkish counterpart, Tayyip Erdoğan, about the sabotage against the Turkish Stream, and that Ankara and Moscow are in contact on security issues.

On Monday, Putin said at an operational meeting with permanent members of the Security Council that the Kyiv regime was trying to blow up one of the sections of the TurkStream gas transmission system.

“This situation was reported to us, according to them, there was sabotage by Russia on the branch line, there are detainees. The Russian side places responsibility on the Ukrainian side. They (the Russian side) have strengthened the security measures. We are in contact on this issue,” he said. Kalyn in an interview with A Haber TV channel.

Source: Ria

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