Post: Ukrainian prisoner says half of Azov militants* use drugs

Ukrainian prisoners of war. Archive photo

Ukrainian detainee says about half of Azov militants use drugs

DONETSK, October 19 – RIA Novosti. Renat Aliyev, a captured soldier from the regiment, told RIA Novosti that in some regions of the Ukrainian nationalist regiment “Azov”* the proportion of soldiers using drugs is at least 50 percent.

“50 percent, maybe more,” said Aliyev, answering the question of how many of his colleagues use drugs.

According to him, a soldier from the Ukrainian army supplied the drugs, and when the drugs ran out, the people of Azov used ketamine from their first aid kits.

Before the special operation, the regime in the regiment was also repeatedly violated.

“They smoked weed… Mostly from time to time,” said Aliyev, who has been in office since August 25, 2020, regarding his colleagues’ lectures.

Lieutenant Colonel Valentin Altukhov, deputy commander of the 56th separate motor infantry brigade of the Ukrainian army, confirmed that there were drug addicts among the soldiers.

“Naturally there were drug addicts, because the percentage of personnel was low, and if the percentage was too low, they did not return the brigade, so the quality of human selection was low. Therefore, such people appeared, ”Altukhov said.

According to the Investigative Committee, since the end of September, more than 400 Azov militants* have been taken to various detention centers in Russia, where they testify about their crimes against civilians.

* Terrorist organization banned in Russia

Source: Ria

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