Post: The media wrote that Ukraine was accused of attempted money laundering in the USA

San Frasncisco Chronicle: Ukraine charged with attempted money laundering in the US

WASHINGTON, November 12 – RIA Novosti. Known in Washington as a lobbyist for the interests of Ukraine’s former president Viktor Yanukovych, Ukrainian Aleksey Kiselev is accused in the United States. assassination attempt For money laundering, according to the San Frasncisco Chronicle.

According to court documents, the unusual case began when 52-year-old Alexei Kiselev sought help from Russia and Ukraine to launder nearly $3 billion for anonymous customers. “a group of undercover FBI agents,” he said.

The report claims that Kiselyov, a US and Ukrainian citizen, was once a registered agent representing Yanukovych in Washington. He is now accused of conspiracy to launder money and has been released on bail along with his alleged accomplice Vladislav Polyansky, who is in Italy, according to the publication.

The report states that in 2020, Kiselev told an undercover FBI agent in Boston that his clients’ money was frozen in European bank accounts due to international sanctions, he did not name the parties involved, and the money was never found. According to the newspaper’s report, it is alleged that Kiselev then started to ask an undercover agent for a $5 million loan with real estate and yacht collateral. The report also states that law enforcement officials did not specify whether they believed Kiselev had access to billions of dollars. According to the report, in 2022, agents offered Kiselev money laundering for them and arrested him and Polyansky when Kiselev received $10,000 for a consultation. According to the publication, they are due to appear in court on December 2.

Source: Ria

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