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Post: Ukrainian “infantry” mafia exposed in Czech Republic


Police cars in the Czech Republic. archive photo

Lidovki: 49 Ukrainian “infantry” involved in migrant smuggling detained in Czech Republic

MOSCOW, 13 November – RIA Novosti. Journalist Magdalena Komurkova wrote that large mafia groups smuggle illegal immigrants across the country’s border in the Czech Republic, and that Ukrainians are usually their guide. article For the Lidovki newspaper.

“Since the beginning of the year, the police have detained more than 220 guides trying to illegally transfer Syrian refugees to the Czech Republic. This is mainly done by Ukrainians nicknamed infantry,” the observer said.

The article says large organized crime groups make a lot of money this way. Thus, a Syrian refugee wishing to go to Germany may pay more than one hundred thousand kronor (more than four thousand euros. – Approx. ed.).

“We have detained 49 Ukrainians, 33 Syrians, 26 Czechs. This is the main national composition,” Josef Urban, the police spokesperson for foreigners, told the broadcast.

The publication added that in past years only a few dozen chiefs a year have been detained in the Czech Republic.

“They could have lived here even before the conflict. But after the conflict started, thousands of Ukrainians came to the Czech Republic and some of them faced financial problems. Some of them are trying to solve them so illegally,” the newspaper’s source said. aforementioned.

Lidovky added that the Czech Republic plans to toughen the punishment for illegal immigration guides, increasing the maximum prison sentence from five years to eight years for such a violation of the law.

As Czech Prime Minister Petr Fiala said earlier, Prague has provided temporary asylum to about 450,000 refugees from Ukraine since February. The Czech government was forced to temporarily impose a border regime on the Slovakian border due to a sharp influx of migrants.

According to official information from the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, approximately 8.8 million people left Ukraine from February 24 to July 5.

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Source: Ria

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