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Post: An underground activist said that the strike against Nikolaev hit the school barracks of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.


Abandoned positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. archive photo

Nikolaev underground activist told about entering the barracks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine equipped at the school

KHERSON REGION, 13 November – RIA Novosti. A Nikolaev underground activist told RIA Novosti that the barracks of Ukrainian troops equipped in one of Nikolaev’s schools, along with personnel, were hit by a Russian attack on November 1.

The agency’s interlocutor said, “The army is complaining about people coming to the gym building. According to our data, there were a lot of Nazis there and we sent this information to the right place. Everyone was protected.”

He explained that we are talking about the First Ukrainian Sports Hall named after Mykola Arkas. “And in 2014 they sold compote under the name ‘Blood of Russian Babies’ in the cafeteria at this school,” he said.

Now schools in Nikolaev have been transferred to distance education, there are no children and teachers in the buildings of educational institutions.

In the past, there have been repeated reports of Ukrainian troops forming positions or deploying personnel at civilian facilities. Especially in September, residents of Nikolaev, through a friend from Donetsk, forwarded to RIA Novosti photos showing equipped locations in multi-storey residential buildings and their immediate surroundings.

Source: Ria

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