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Post: Death toll rises to 158 in Seoul stampede


Ambulances and rescuers arrive at a street near a stampede in Seoul, South Korea. archive photo

Death toll rises to 158, 196 injured in stampede in South Korea

Seoul, November 14 – RIA Novosti. The death toll in the stampede in South Korea rose to 158, with 196 injured and 10 still in hospital, according to the latest figures from the country’s interior and security ministry.

It was previously reported that 157 were dead.

The biggest crush in South Korean history occurred in Seoul’s famous party Itaewon district on the night of October 29-30.

According to the latest data, there are 102 women and 56 men among the dead. Twelve victims aged 10-20, 105 victims aged 20-30, 31 people aged 30-40, nine more aged 40-50. One was over 50. Among the dead were 26 foreigners, including four Russians, four Chinese nationals, five Iranian nationals, two from the United States and Japan, and one from France, Australia, Vietnam, Uzbekistan, Norway, Kazakhstan, Sri Lanka. Lanka, Turkey and Austria.

The bodies of 24 foreign citizens who died have already been sent to their countries.

South Korean President Yoon Seok-yeol has declared national mourning until November 5 in connection with the tragedy, which has become the largest number of victims for South Korea since 2014 as a whole. Then, 304 people were killed when the Sewol ferry crashed.

Authorities continue to investigate the cause of the stampede.

Source: Ria

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