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Post: The Polish fire brigade reported an explosion at a grain dryer in Przewoduw.


Polish police. archive photo

The Polish fire department reported that an explosion occurred in a grain dryer in Przewoduw, on the border with Ukraine.

WARSAW, 15 November – RIA Novosti. The Polish fire department reported that two people were killed in an explosion at a grain dryer in Przewodów, near the Ukrainian border, but no explanation was given as to the causes of the incident.

Earlier, local radio station ZET, citing unofficial sources, reported that two rockets allegedly fell on Polish territory, resulting in the death of two people in a grain dryer.

According to Radio Lublin, the incident occurred on the territory of the granary at about 15:40 (5:40 Moscow time).

Local fire department spokesman Marcin Lebedovic told the radio station that “the causes of this incident are currently unknown”.

“We received a report of an explosion in the drying area. We even confirmed that something similar happened when we arrived. Two people died at the scene,” he said.

Polish authorities have so far not made specific statements about the fall of the missiles, citing media reports. Evidence is also not provided.

Source: Ria

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