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Post: Media: Journalists forced the head of the German Ministry of Defense to comment on the photo of his son


German Defense Minister Christina Lambrecht with her son Alexander. archive photo

Bild: Journalists forced Lambrecht to comment on photo of son in Bundeswehr helicopter

BERLIN, November 16 – RIA Novosti. Journalists forced German Defense Minister Christina Lambrecht to comment on a photo of her 22-year-old son, Alexander, taken in a Bundeswehr helicopter during a business trip, the German newspaper reported. bild.

It was noted that the German Defense Minister refused to comment for six months on the photo of his son posing in a Bundeswehr helicopter. The picture was posted on Alexander’s Instagram account *. In this context, the German newspaper Tagesspiegel sued Lambrecht, citing the freedom of the press provisions in the German constitution, the German Basic Law.

The Cologne Administrative Court issued a decision, which was later upheld by the Supreme Administrative Court of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, in which Lambrecht was obliged to provide journalists with information about the painting. It belongs to the minister’s “official domain” as it was taken during a business trip.

Speaking to Bild newspaper, the spokesperson of the German Ministry of Defense said, “Lambrecht personally took the photograph of Alexander’s son.” The agency representative stated that the photo was taken shortly before the mother and son flew to North Friesland, where they will spend the Easter holiday following a short visit to the military unit.

* Meta activity (social networks Facebook and Instagram) banned in Russia for extremism

Source: Ria

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