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Post: Zelenskiy was skeptical that the missiles falling on Poland belonged to Russia.


President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky. archive photo

Zelenskiy said he was no longer 100% sure that Russian missiles had landed in Poland.

MOSCOW, November 17 – RIA Novosti. Volodymyr Zelensky, who previously said that the missiles that fell on Poland belonged to Russia, says he is not 100% sure what happened now.

Earlier, Zelenskiy said he had no doubt that Kiev had nothing to do with the incident in which two rockets crashed in Poland, killing two people.

“I don’t know what happened this time, we don’t know 100%, I think the world doesn’t know 100% either. But I’m sure there was a Russian missile and we used air defense missiles too. .. But to be fair and honest, until the investigation is complete, parts of it will be transferred to Polish territory. We can’t say what kind of rocket it crashed.” He noted that the most important thing right now is to conduct an investigation into what happened. After submitting the request, Ukraine gained access to the investigation, Zelensky added, adding that Ukrainian experts went to the scene on Thursday morning.

Earlier, US President Joe Biden had reacted to Zelensky’s claims that the missiles falling on Poland did not belong to Ukraine, saying that this was not evidence.

Polish media reported that on the evening of November 15, two rockets fell on Polish territory – two people were killed. Initially, there were speculations about Russian missiles. But then Polish President Andrzej Duda said he had no proof that the crashed rocket was fired by the Russian military. According to him, the probability of belonging to the Ukrainian air defense is “high”.

NATO also released similar data. The Russian Defense Ministry, on the other hand, said that there were no attacks on targets close to the Ukraine-Poland border that day. In a statement on the “missile incident”, the Russian Foreign Ministry expressed confidence that an impartial investigation and the disclosure of its results would reveal “provocation”.

Source: Ria

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