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Post: US says they can’t refute emergency conclusions with Ukraine missile


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Blinken: US has no evidence to refute its conclusions about Ukraine’s missile hit Poland

MOSCOW, November 17 – RIA Novosti. The United States did not receive data refuting Poland’s conclusions about a Ukrainian missile that crashed on its territory. aforementioned US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken at a press conference in Thailand.

“I think you’ve already heard from us, we haven’t seen anything to contradict President Duda’s preliminary assessment that this is most likely a result of the Ukrainian air defense missile being unfortunately dropped on Poland,” Blinken said.

Noting that Washington will continue to “analyze and share new information”, the official stressed that Ukraine, Poland, the United States, and NATO and G7 countries should “follow the facts” on this issue.

On the evening of November 15, a rocket fell on Polish territory near the Ukrainian border. Two people died. At first Warsaw called the missiles Russian, but on Wednesday Polish President Andrzej Duda acknowledged that they were most likely Ukrainian.

In a special written statement on the eve of the representative of the National Security Council under the direction of US President Adrienne Watson, he noted that regardless of the final outcome of the investigation, responsibility for the incident will ultimately fall on Russia. Bombing Ukraine.

According to the Russian Ministry of Defense on Tuesday, there were no attacks on targets near the Ukrainian-Polish border that day, and the published photos of some of the wreckage have nothing to do with Russian weapons. The ministry noted that all statements by the Polish media regarding the alleged downing of “Russian” missiles were a deliberate provocation aimed at escalation. On Wednesday, Russia’s defense ministry noted that photos from the crime scene published in Poland clearly show that parts of a missile from the Ukrainian S-300 air defense system fell there.

Source: Ria

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