WorldMedia: US urges Europe to be careful about missile...

Media: US urges Europe to be careful about missile incident in Poland


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USA and EU flags. archive photo

Politico: US urges Europe to speak more carefully about causes of missile incident in Poland

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WASHINGTON, November 18 – RIA Novosti. The intense contact of the US with its European allies and Volodymyr Zelensky’s environment in recent days has prompted them to be more cautious when commenting on the missile incident in Poland. author Politico newspaper citing anonymous American and European sources.

In the past two days, senior US government officials have also asked NATO allies to “refrain from making definitive statements” until the official investigation into the incident has been completed, during phone calls, according to the publication.

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The newspaper states that the different perspectives on the event are one of the first serious differences observed in the official discourses of Washington and Kiev. As the publication suggests, they tend to underestimate the importance of what’s going on in US government circles, but the predicted slowdown in hostilities in Ukraine over the winter is fraught with the fact that the conflict “will go on all winter.” There could be even more disagreements between the US and Ukraine.

As Heather Conley, a former State Department official specializing in European affairs, put it on the subject, the missile fall in Poland was a “really important test” for the United States, NATO allies and Ukraine.

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On the evening of November 15, rockets fell on Polish territory near the Ukrainian border, killing two. Initially, Warsaw stated that it was a Russian missile and demanded the meeting of the NATO Council. But on Wednesday, Polish President Andrzej Duda acknowledged that the missiles most likely belonged to Ukraine.

US President Joe Biden said at the end of the emergency meeting of the G7 leaders that preliminary data did not confirm that Russian soldiers launched the crashed rocket. The Pentagon reported that they planned to act not by assumptions, but by facts for which there was ample opportunity to clarify.

Volodymyr Zelenskyy said on Wednesday that he had no doubts that Kiev was not involved in the incident in Poland. But as early as Thursday, he said he wasn’t 100% sure what had happened.

The Russian Ministry of Defense emphasized that the army did not hit any targets near the Ukrainian-Polish border and that all statements by Warsaw regarding Moscow’s intervention were a provocation. The agency also noted that, according to the conclusions of experts, photos released from the scene show parts of a Ukrainian missile for the S-300 complex.

Source: Ria

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