Post: Dodon vows to keep fighting after being released from house arrest

Igor Dodon. archive photo

Dodon says the fight has just begun after he is released from house arrest

KISINEV, 18 November – RIA Novosti. Moldova’s former president, Igor Dodon, after he was released from house arrest, said this was an important court decision, but the fight had just begun.

The Supreme Court of Justice decided on Friday to release Moldova’s former president, Dodon, from house arrest. He has been under house arrest since the end of May.

“Our first victory, a very important court decision. Today I am released from house arrest, after which I have been under house arrest for six months. I thank my family and everyone who has supported me all this time, but our struggle is just beginning. And we have something to fight for,” Dodon said after a break from court. to his supporters during

In October, the hearing of the criminal case against the former president of Moldova began. The meeting is held at the Supreme Court of Justice (SCJ). The former president is accused of taking bribes of up to $1 million from oligarch Vladimir Plahotniuc, the former leader of the Democratic Party, according to the accusations. Allegedly, this money was requested by the former president to pay the current expenses of the political party “Socialist Party of the Republic of Moldova” (PSRM), including the payment of salaries to employees of the same political power. The former president completely denies his guilt and believes that the cases against him were brought for political reasons.

Source: Ria

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