WorldMoldovan opposition vows to continue protests in Chisinau

Moldovan opposition vows to continue protests in Chisinau


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Protesters in Chisinau Archive photo

Moldovan opposition pledges to continue protests in Chisinau next week

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KISINEV, 18 November – RIA Novosti. According to the RIA Novosti correspondent, the opposition rally in front of the Moldovan Prosecutor General’s Office ended with the singing of the country’s anthem, the demonstrators dispersed, but the rally was promised to continue next week.

On Friday, supporters and representatives of the opposition Shor party and a group of communist lawmakers staged another protest against the current government. They demanded his resignation from acting. Attorney General Ion Munteanu, President Maia Sandu and Prime Minister Natalia Gavrilitsa.

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Organizers of the rally said that more than 50,000 people from all regions of the republic attended the event. Expressing their dissatisfaction with the increase in food prices and the increase in energy tariffs, the demonstrators also accused the authorities of persecuting political opponents.

Konstantin Starysh, secretary of the parliamentary national security commission, representing the Communist Party in the legislature, participated in the protest action. The MP denounced the Attorney General’s ignorance of the political scandal caused by the leak of correspondence between members of the government and representatives of the ruling Action and Solidarity party (PDS). According to information published on the Internet, ministers, the president’s advisers, deputies put pressure on those responsible, rigged the results of the competitions for the appointment of heads of justice bodies.

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“We’ve seen how they handcraft justice, how criminal cases are fabricated, we’ve even seen how they deal with drug storage, distribution and use! Why don’t these people at least deserve a prosecutor’s control, not to mention initiating it.” a criminal case ?!” – Starysh noted in his speech at the rally.

Shor Party leader Ilan Shor addressed the protesters via video link. The politician also stressed that, on the backdrop of the current scandal, “the authorities no longer have the legal and moral right to remain at the helm of the country.”

“From their Telegram speech it is clear that they are usurper and corrupt officials. Their only value is to kneel to the West and sell the country. We will not let them do that. The Sandu regime is built on two pillars.” The Attorney General is his poodle, meekly following his orders and making up cases according to orders. The Constitutional Court is playing into the president’s hands too. said Shor.

The politician added that indefinite protests will continue next week.

Since September 18, an open-ended protest action has been held in Chisinau against the hike in food prices, the increase in energy tariffs and the political persecution of the opposition. Representatives of the Shor party and communist deputies participating in the protest movement held mass rallies every Sunday. The demonstrators repeatedly tried to reach the main square of the city – the Grand National Assembly – but their actions were thwarted by the police, who harshly repulsed the activists. In mid-October, special forces dispersed a peaceful demonstration and razed an opposition tent city.

Protesters accuse authorities of failing to cope with the crisis and point to record inflation reaching 33.97% year-on-year in September over the past 20 years. The country’s leadership has been criticized for its unwillingness to negotiate better gas prices with Russia and for political pressure on opposition representatives.

Source: Ria

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