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Post: Bulgarian general identified possible target of provocation with missiles in Poland


The place where the rocket hit is in the village of Przewodow. archive photo

General Boyadzhiev: The purpose of provocation with missiles in Poland was to discredit the idea of ​​​​negotiation

MOSCOW, November 19 – RIA Novosti. The task of provocation with missiles in Poland may be to discredit the proposed dialogue between Russia and Ukraine. interview portal Bulgarian General Todor Boyadzhiev.

“The purpose of the incident on Polish soil is to jeopardize the negotiations from the very beginning. To prevent them, the fire continued and someone saved millions from the sale of gas and oil or the sale of weapons.” source suggested.

The military also criticized Bulgaria’s decision to assist Kiev in supplying arms.

Boyadzhiev said, “I believe we should not fuel the fire. It is not in Bulgaria’s interest. In my opinion, the Bulgarian government unfortunately loses many good opportunities because of its narrow-minded decisions.”

The general urged Sophia to mediate between Moscow and Kyiv. Now, according to him, Bulgaria plays the role of “enemy and enemy” of Russia.

On the evening of November 15, two rockets allegedly fell on Polish territory near the Ukrainian border. Two people died.

Initially, Warsaw claimed it was Russian-made ammunition, but on Wednesday Polish President Andrzej Duda acknowledged that Ukrainian weapons were most likely involved in the incident.

The Ministry of Defense stressed that the Russian army did not carry out any attacks on targets on the Ukrainian-Polish border. The Ministry described the statements of the Polish side regarding Moscow’s intervention as a provocation. According to experts, photos from the scene in Pszewoduv show parts of a Ukrainian missile for the S-300 complex.

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Source: Ria

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