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Post: UN urges investigation into reports of killing of Russian POWs


Flagged street near the UN building. archive photo

UN calls for investigation into reports of killing of Russian POWs

UN, 19 November – RIA Novosti. Farhan Haq, Deputy Spokesperson of the UN Secretary-General, told RIA Novosti that all reports of UN human rights violations should be investigated and perpetrators brought to justice. A video of murdered Russian POWs.

“We urged all parties to the conflict to thoroughly investigate all reports of current human rights violations and bring the perpetrators to justice.”

On Friday, Morozova said she had formally appealed to the UN and the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) regarding the release of a video of the murdered Russian POWs and awaits an impartial trial.

The Russian Ministry of Defense said that the Ukrainian army deliberately killed 10 captured Russian soldiers.

Earlier, a video appeared on the Internet in which the Ukrainian army shot Russian soldiers who surrendered and were lying on the ground. According to Valery Fadeev, Chairman of the Presidential Council for the Advancement of Civil Society and Human Rights, this happened at Makeevka at LPR. The HRC chief described the incident as a show-off crime and said he would demand an international investigation. The HRC video will be sent to the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, OSCE, Council of Europe, Amnesty International, International Committee of the Red Cross and other organisations.

Source: Ria

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