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Post: Bulgaria stops feeding Ukrainian refugees


Ukrainian refugees in Bulgaria. archive photo

Sofia Globe: Bulgarian hotels stopped feeding Ukrainian refugees due to lack of money

MOSCOW, November 20 – RIA Novosti. They excluded food from the state program for resettlement of Ukrainian refugees in Bulgaria, the publication reported. Sofia Globe.

The article says that the owners of hotels on the Black Sea coast stopped feeding the Ukrainian refugees because the state-allocated 15 Bulgarian lev (less than 500 rubles. – Ed.) was not enough to cover the cost of food.

“For the last three days we have been feeding refugees with our own money, but from today we stop feeding them because we don’t have the opportunity,” said hotel owner Mikhail Zegov.

The newspaper noted that more than ten thousand Ukrainian refugees live in Bulgaria as part of the state program.

The previous shelter program for them ended on November 15. He provided the accommodation of immigrants in hotels at public expense. According to the new orders, Ukrainians are now placed in state and municipal recreation centers.

Source: Ria

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