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Post: Turkish forces destroyed PKK caves and warehouses in northern Syria and Iraq.


The Turkish army is on the Turkish-Syrian border. archive photo

Turkish forces destroyed caves and warehouses of Kurdish formations in northern Syria and Iraq.

ANKARA, 20 November – RIA Novosti. Minister of National Defense Hulusi Akar said that caves, tunnels and warehouses belonging to Kurdish armed formations were destroyed in the air operation in northern Syria and Iraq.

Earlier, the Turkish Ministry of Defense reported that Ankara’s banned Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) conducted airstrikes on the Syrian flank in northern Syria and northern Iraq.

“Terror bunkers, bunkers, caves, tunnels and warehouses were successfully destroyed. The so-called headquarters of the terrorist organization was also hit with high precision,” Akar said.

According to him, Turkey has always sought a response from those who violated national and national security.

“We will continue to do this,” said the head of the Turkish military department.

Earlier, Farhad Shami, representative of the Kurdish “Syrian Democratic Forces” (SDG), said that Turkey attacked the SDF-controlled border town of Kobani in northern Syria.

Süleyman Soylu, Head of the Turkish Ministry of Interior, reported that there were suspicions that there was a terrorist attack in the center of Istanbul last week from Kobani, and that the perpetrator entered Turkish territory from the city of Afrin. Six people were killed and 81 injured in an explosion that took place a week ago at a pedestrian crossing on Istiklal Avenue in the center of Istanbul. The suspect of the attack was taken into custody, he admitted to having links with the PKK.

Source: Ria

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