Post: In the United States, they declared a rush because of the superiority of Russian weapons.

Launch of the Zircon hypersonic missile from the Admiral Gorshkov frigate in the White Sea. archive photo

US Vice Admiral Wolfe announces rush to introduce hypersonic technology

MOSCOW, November 21 – RIA Novosti. He said that the United States urgently needed to catch up with Russia in the development of hypersonic weapons technology. speech CNN with US Vice Admiral Johnny Wolfe.

“We didn’t have a locomotive to develop this technology and apply it to weapon systems before. There was no need. Now we have and we need to catch up urgently,” he said.

According to him, the Pentagon is looking for ways to increase the speed of testing and research to promote this technology.

The publication also cited the view of Tom Karako, the missile defense project director at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, who said the US has made “raising” Russia and China a priority.

“We do this not just because they exist (Russian hypersonic missiles. – Approx. ed.). We do this for special military needs” – added.

The article states that the US Army plans to use long-range hypersonic weapons next year. The publication added that the Pentagon has requested $4.7 billion for research in this area.

Earlier, Trump’s former adviser, John Bolton, said that the United States is powerless when it comes to Russian missiles.

American experts have repeatedly expressed their doubts about the readiness of the American army for war. For example, former presidential adviser on national security issues, Robert O’Brien, noted that only the navy and nuclear forces were highly effective, while the potential of other branches of the armed forces was rated as weak and very weak.

The Russian Armed Forces is already on a combat mission with the Kinzhal hypersonic air systems, Avangard strategic missiles with the Avangard hypersonic glide unit, and the Zircon hypersonic missile, which can destroy both surface and ground targets.

In addition, Russia developed the S-500 Prometheus system (R&D Triumfator-M). It belongs to a new generation of surface-to-air defense systems and is a universal long-range and high-altitude interceptor system with enhanced anti-missile defense capability. The radius of destruction of the S-500 is about 600 kilometers. According to the declared characteristics, the development, among other things, is capable of intercepting hypersonic and unmanned aerial vehicles.

Source: Ria

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