Post: Turkish Armed Forces can carry out ground operations in Syria

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Yeni Şafak: Turkish military operation is considered as a step in a possible ground operation

ANKARA, 21 November – RIA Novosti. Turkey may be preparing for a ground operation in northern Syria, writes New Dawn with reference to sources.

“In Operation Sword Claw, 89 terrorist targets were destroyed. A large number of terrorists were purged, including many high-ranking leaders of the PKK (Kurdistan Workers’ Party, which is banned in Turkey). The operation is seen as the first step of a possible ground. Syria” operation,” the newspaper writes.

It was reported that the planes, which took off from six different bases across the country, carried out simultaneous operations against targets in Syria and northern Iraq.

In the operation carried out with combat and support aircraft and unmanned aerial vehicles, targets including shelters, bunkers, caves, tunnels and warehouses belonging to terrorists were destroyed.

The previous day, the Turkish Ministry of Defense announced the start of the Claw-Sword air operation against Kurdish formations in northern Syria and Iraq. According to the agency, terrorists use the northern regions of these countries as bases for attacks against Turkey.

The cause of the incident was the terrorist attack that took place in Istanbul on 13 November. Six people were killed and more than 80 injured in the explosion that took place on the Istiklal pedestrian street. The suspect, who was taken into custody, admitted that he had connections with the PKK. The Ministry of Interior reported that the order for the attack came from Kobani and that the perpetrator entered the country via Afrin.

Armed conflict with militants of the Kurdistan Workers Party in Turkey began in 1984 and resumed in 2015. There are Kurdish bases in northern Iraq where the Turkish Armed Forces conduct air and ground operations.

Source: Ria

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