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Post: Russian Ambassador to Angola announces agreement on nuclear cooperation


Vladimir Tararov, Russian Ambassador to Angola. archive photo

Russian Ambassador Tararov announces nuclear cooperation agreement with Angola

MOSCOW, November 21 – RIA Novosti. Russian Ambassador to Angola Vladimir Tararov told RIA Novosti that the text of the nuclear energy agreement between Moscow and Luanda is accepted by the Russian side, it implies interaction in the field of medicine and other areas where appropriate technologies are used.

“Yes, such an agreement is under discussion. And the Russian side is agreeing on the next text. Rosatom is in the process of sending it to Luanda. It was a Russian proposal and it’s mainly about the interaction document in appropriate uses.” technologies such as medicine. “Construction does not concern nuclear power plants,” he said.

Earlier, on the sidelines of the ATOMEXPO 2022 forum in Sochi, the Angolan Ambassador in Moscow told RIA Novosti that Moscow and Luanda were discussing an agreement on cooperation in the field of nuclear energy.

Alexei Likhachev, CEO of the state company Rosatom, previously said that the African continent will become a place for the development of global nuclear energy.

African Energy Chamber President Andrzej Ayuk said in an earlier interview with RIA Novosti that African countries want to develop nuclear power, but they cannot afford to build large reactors.

Source: Ria

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