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Post: The head of Chita administration leaves his post to go on a special operation


The head of the Chita administration is Alexander Sapozhnikov. archive photo

The head of the Cheetah administration, Sapozhnikov, announced that he was on his way to a special operation in Ukraine.

CHITA, November 21 – RIA Novosti. Head of Chita Administration Alexander Sapozhnikov He said he decided to go to the special military operations area.

“Today I decided to go to the place where we need it most, to a special military operations zone. As a paratrooper with war experience, as a citizen, I cannot stay away from the fateful battle for the future right of our Motherland. Sapozhnikov on the Telegram channel, once for the defense of our country, which we received from our ancestors. It is my duty and my calling to stand up again, thanking the governor and district government, the city’s residents, volunteers, social activists, entrepreneurs, and service workers who “help make the city better.”

RIA Novosti, in the press service of the Chita administration “Yes, (Sapozhnikov – ed.) resigned, why, we can not talk about personal intentions. Andrey Viktorovich Grenishin (first vice president) was appointed acting.”

Sapozhnikov heads the management of Chita since 2019. Prior to that, he was a deputy of the City Duma since 2014. Sapozhnikov is 46 years old, married and has a daughter.

Source: Ria

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