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Post: Moldovan authorities complained about the difficult situation in the field of security.


The building of the residence of the President of Moldova in Chisinau. archive photo

Moldovan PM Popescu: Country in very difficult security situation

KISINEV, 21 November – RIA Novosti. Moldovan Foreign Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Nicu Popescu said that the republic is in a very difficult security situation, so the country needs to strengthen its defense capabilities.

The third meeting of the platform for the financial support of Moldova from European states is held in Paris on Monday.

“Moldova is in a very, very difficult security situation, although not as difficult as it was in early March. What is happening in the region is causing us to reconsider our defense capabilities, Moldova should consolidate its defense capabilities,” Popescu said at a briefing. in Paris.

He said Moldova counts on defense cooperation with Romania, France, Germany and other countries that support the republic.

Earlier, Ministry of Defense officials stated that they wanted to strengthen the country’s defense capability and acquire the necessary weapons for this. In particular, the Minister of Defense Anatoly Nosatiy talked about the need to create an air defense system, but the country no longer has money for it.

Source: Ria

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