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Post: In Paris, they asked the center to remove extra beds for Ukrainian refugees


Ukrainian refugees in Paris, France. archive photo

In Paris, a center for Ukrainian refugees is asked to share beds with homeless migrants

MOSCOW, November 21 – RIA Novosti. Charities in Paris appealed to authorities to provide empty beds at the center for the reception of Ukrainian refugees to homeless people from other countries, the agency reported. France Press.

Since the end of August, refugees from Ukraine have been hosted at the Paris Events Centre, in the northeast of the French capital.

In the letter addressed to the governor, “We have learned that … dozens of beds are left empty every evening, at least 120 … We ask that you provide these empty beds as a temporary shelter to exiles of other nationalities.” Marc Guillaume from the Île-de-France region and Joseph Zime, head of the crisis group responsible for welcoming Ukrainian refugees. The message was signed by the Médecins du monde, Secours catholique, Utopia 56 organizations and Julie Couturier, president of the Paris Bar Association.

According to the authors of the letter, 50 to 200 people fleeing war, persecution or extreme poverty from Afghanistan and African countries are forced to spend the night outdoors in Paris every night. They point out that the “withdrawal of beds” from the Ukrainian fund in favor of the most vulnerable segments of the population will allow some women and children not to spend the night under the Paris bridges next winter.

Calls to give other homeless migrants access to “Ukrainian centres” began to be heard in the summer. In July, activists staged demonstrations in front of the Paris Expo Porte de Versailles exhibition center, which at that time served as a refuge for Ukrainian refugees.

Source: Ria

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