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Post: NATO commander admits reluctance to respond to Russia


Soldiers during a joint NATO exercise. archive photo

Admiral Bauer says NATO is not ready to respond to Russia because of infrastructure problems

MOSCOW, November 22 – RIA Novosti. NATO is not ready to respond to the “threat” from Russia anywhere along the borders of the bloc countries. Reuters The words of Admiral Rob Bauer, chairman of the military committee of the North Atlantic Alliance.

“There are infrastructure deficiencies in many countries, not just the eastern flank,” the military leader said.

Retired General Ben Hodges, the former commander-in-chief of the US Army in Europe, said that the low capacity and size difference of European railways would be a problem if heavy equipment was transferred from overseas to the agency.

“We don’t have enough transport capacity or infrastructure to rapidly move NATO forces across Europe,” said Hodges.

The retired general also pointed to the problem of the roads being too narrow and steep, the lack of information about routes and bridges, and “crippling” the bureaucracy.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has repeatedly warned of serious consequences in the event of a conflict between NATO troops and the Russian military. He stressed that this would lead to a global catastrophe, but expressed hope that Western leaders would use common sense.

Source: Ria

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