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“Stay in the dark.” China says the West is fed up with Zelensky


Vladimir Zelensky. archive photo

“Guancha”: Zelensky exaggerated with blackmail and risked being left without the help of the West

MOSCOW, November 22 – RIA Novosti. The columnist wrote that Western countries are tired of the constant demands of Vladimir Zelensky and may stop helping him “Guancha” Cheng Feng.

“Zelensky would make condescending and excessive demands at the end of the negotiations, pouring out inflated accusations, because in any case the allies would agree to everything without complaint. However, he exaggerated and began to blackmail them with morality. This did not just bore the inhabitants. Those living in Western countries, but also to the local media, also to their governments,” he said.

According to him, Kyiv fully counts on support, and if the West “turns off the light,” Ukraine “will remain in the dark.”

“Ukraine’s refusal to negotiate peace, demanding large sums of money for aid from other countries is moral blackmail. The ability to blackmail others with morality is the West’s strong point, and it will not tolerate it in relation to itself. In an unfavorable situation for Ukraine, the United States and Europe.” “The weapons supplied to him in Kiev will soon run out,” he said.

The article also points out that the reaction of the USA and NATO to the Ukrainian missile falling on Poland shows that they have become much more vigilant about the Kyiv issue.

“The darkest times are coming for Ukraine,” Cheng Feng summed up.

Recently, Western media has been writing a lot about Washington’s push for a dialogue with the Kyiv authorities. Against this background, Zelensky talked about the possibility of negotiations on the condition of restoring the territorial integrity of the country and compensation for losses. At the same time, the Kyiv authorities passed a law prohibiting negotiations, and Zelensky repeatedly stated that he would not accept them.

Moscow noted the inconsistency of Ukraine’s position, but stressed that they are open to dialogue and do not put forward any preconditions for this.

Read the full text of the article on the website InoSMI >>

Source: Ria

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