WorldThe ex-fighter of "Aidar" spoke about Muryga's participation in...

The ex-fighter of “Aidar” spoke about Muryga’s participation in blowing up the bridge in Lisichansk.


The ex-fighter of “Aydar” told in court about Muryga’s participation in blowing up the bridge in Lisichansk

ROSTOV-ON-DON, November 22 – RIA Novosti. Former Aidar member Denis Serous told the court that Denis Muryga*, one of the leaders of the Aidar battalion, personally participated in the planning and blowup of the bridge in Lisichansk in 2015.

In early November, the Southern District Military Court began its hearing on the merits of the Muryga* case, which was accused of joining an illegal armed unit. Serous, who is serving his sentence in a colony in the Samara region, was interrogated on Tuesday via videoconference.

Serous said he voluntarily joined “Aidar” in October 2014 and “is doing contract service there like Muryga*.” Their units were first located in the village of Polovinkino, and then moved to Lisichansk, where they ensured the passage of smuggling between Ukraine and the LPR. According to Serous, Muryga* was preoccupied with the fact that he was “going to tribute.”

“I know they have only one task – to blow up the bridge. He (Muryga * – ed.) was personally invited to plan the operation.” the passage of cars with smuggling ” Aidar”.

According to Serous’ testimony, Muryga* said that he bought 800 kilograms of TNT and a car through a Ukrainian soldier to blow up the bridge. “I also know from the story of Shrek (call sign Muryga * – ed.) that on March 15, as part of the Aidar battalion, he fired on this bridge, after which two snipers killed the guards guarding the bridge.” The prosecutor read Serous’ statement.

He added that after killing the guards, they blew up the bridge with explosives in the vehicle.

According to the testimony of a witness, Muryga * in the battalion was considered “one of the leaders”. “During our acquaintance, Muryga * rank did not change in 2014-2015. Officially, he only fulfilled the duties of deputy head of the division … On what basis the other members of the battalion depended on him, I do I do not know, but he had connections in the leadership of the battalion,” said prosecutor Serous. he read.

According to investigators, Muryga* joined the illegal armed formation Aidar battalion in early 2015, where he trained and performed the duties of guarding the battalion’s camp in different regions. He later became deputy commander of the Aidar unit in Muryga * Lisichansk, an RIA Novosti source reported. In March of the same year, he was part of a group of Aidarovites who blew up a bridge in the LPR, killing people.

Muryga* was detained while trying to enter Russia in a refugee flow in April 2022. He is charged with articles of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation regarding participation in an illegal armed formation and training for the purpose of carrying out terrorist activities. According to the court, Muryga* holds both Russian and Ukrainian citizenship.

In May, Rosfinmonitoring included Muryga* on its list of terrorists and extremists. Persons and entities included in the relevant registry are prohibited from interacting with the media, publishing information online, holding public events, participating in elections, and using any financial services not related to tax, salary and compensation payments.

* A person included in the list of terrorists and extremists by Rosfinmonitoring.

Source: Ria

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