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Post: Military Expert: Troops Need More Than Weapons and Ammunition


The head of the Bureau of Military-Political Analysis Alexander Mikhailov commented on the situation on the Sputnik radio with the needs of the special operation.

Target missions have been established and approved for the supply of the armed forces, declaration Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin.

“Targets were established, approved and agreed to be implemented,” Mishustin said at a meeting. “The government has also identified a list of federal departments that can conduct public procurement from single suppliers through a simplified procedure for the needs of the special operation.” Coordinating Council to meet the needs of the armed forces.

Previously, such an instruction was given by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Premier also declaration about the need to involve private companies more actively to meet the needs of the military.

“We only have a part of the required products, they are closed nature … The rest can be managed by private companies,” said Mishustin.

On the broadcast of Sputnik radio, the head of the “Bureau of Military-Political Analysis” Alexander Mikhailov commented on the situation.

“The list of what the Ministry of Defense orders for combat operations is huge – there are thousands of items, from heavy weapons to simple household items. After all, the troops need not only weapons and ammunition, but also fuel, clothing, food and much more. Naturally, this task It has been split between several ministries and multiple law enforcement agencies that, together with the armed forces, bear the brunt of a special military operation.”

He added that the government has simplified its procurement algorithms to meet the needs of law enforcement more quickly.

“The simplification of algorithms is happening before our eyes,” said Alexander Mikhailov.

“As far as can be prosecuted, the supply of weapons to the troops is done in the required amount,” he said.

“According to the representatives of the military-industrial complex, the production of weapons, including those involved in special operations, and their supply to the troops are carried out to the required extent. There are no complaints from the state. In any case, they were not voiced to us,” he said.

Terse. Selected quotes only ours telegraph channel.

Source: Ria

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