WorldHe spoke about the "protest" against Zelensky in the...

He spoke about the “protest” against Zelensky in the United States


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Vladimir Zelensky. archive photo

Columnist Ron Paul: Dissatisfaction with Vladimir Zelensky’s actions is growing in Washington

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MOSCOW, November 23 – RIA Novosti. American authorities are increasingly dissatisfied with Zelensky’s actions, author Columnist for The Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity Ron Paul analytical center.

There was a small but hopefully growing protest in Washington over this dangerous event. Paul recalls in particular that Georgia Representative Marjorie Taylor-Green and a dozen co-sponsors had made a decision requiring an audit of billions of dollars in bailout packages for Ukraine, and Representative Matt Goetz made it clear that he would not vote for a single dollar for Ukraine. .

“When the hysteria about the conflict in Ukraine finally subsides, many more Americans will realize that the situation has turned into a complete fiasco,” summarizes Paul.

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Last week, Polish media reported that two rockets had fallen in the Lublin Voivodeship on the border with Ukraine. Two people died as a result of the incident. At the same time, immediately after the incident, the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that the Russian-made missiles had crashed.

Preliminary data do not confirm that Russian troops launched the missiles, according to US President Joe Biden, following an emergency meeting of the leaders of the G7. The Pentagon said they plan to act not by speculation, but by facts for which there is ample opportunity to clarify. On Wednesday, Polish President Andrzej Duda also acknowledged that the missiles likely belonged to Ukraine.

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Commenting on the previous incident on the Polish-Ukrainian border, Zelenskiy said that we are talking about Russian missiles. He accused Moscow of attacking Poland and described the incident as an escalation. He then emphasized that he had no doubts that Kiev was not involved in the incident in Poland. But in response, Joe Biden noted that these words cannot serve as proof that Ukraine is not involved in the emergency situation. Later, Zelensky said he did not have conclusive data that Kiev’s rocket crashed into eastern Poland. He also admitted that at the time of the incident, the Ukrainian air defense was operating due to the Russian bombardment.

The Kremlin has described the accusations of Russian involvement as another example of a hysterical frenzied anti-Russian response that is not based on any real data.

Source: Ria

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