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Post: Chisinau denies accusations that Tiraspol has caused a crisis in Transnistria


People passing by the Moldovan Government building in Chisinau. archive photo

Moldova denied the statement of the Transnistrian president that it caused a crisis in the region.

KISINEV, 23 November – RIA Novosti. The Moldovan government denied the Transnistrian leader Vadim Krasnoselsky’s statement that Chisinau had caused a humanitarian disaster in the region.

Earlier, Krasnoselsky sent letters to the heads of the UN and OSCE, António Guterres and Helga Maria Schmid, in which he warned of an impending humanitarian disaster in the unrecognized republic. Krasnoselsky accused the official Chisinau of instigating a crisis situation.

“We believe that behind these accusations is to inflame the political situation in the country and the region, to mislead the public and external partners, to lay the groundwork for a new challenge that could possibly threaten the fragile stability we have managed to preserve.” The statement was included in the message of the press service of the Moldovan Government Bureau for Reintegration.

They stressed that Chisinau does not hinder the commercial and economic activities of Pridnestrovie, and businesses in the region continue to enjoy a number of financial and customs advantages.

“We also remind you that import-export transactions of companies from the Transnistria region are not taxed,” the Moldovan government structure said in a statement.

Transnistria, with 60% of its population Russians and Ukrainians, tried to secede from Moldova even before the collapse of the USSR, fearing that Moldova would join Romania in a wave of nationalism. In 1992, after an unsuccessful attempt by the Moldovan authorities to settle the problem by force, Transnistria became a region de facto not controlled by Chisinau.

Source: Ria

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