WorldMore than 20 retrained soldiers received flats after being...

More than 20 retrained soldiers received flats after being injured


The building of the Kirov Military Medical Academy in St. Petersburg. archive photo

Ministry of Defense: More than 20 soldiers injured during SVO received flats

MOSCOW, November 23 – RIA Novosti. He told reporters at the Information and Mass Media Department of the Russian Defense Ministry that more than 20 officers and contractors, who were injured during special operations, decided to continue their military service and were retrained, received their documents for the residence they chose.

“Today, the military medical academy named after SM Kirov graduated military personnel with limitations due to injuries received while performing duties as part of a special military operation to protect the Lugansk and Donetsk People’s Republics, who completed an additional vocational training course ,” – says the message.

“Today, more than 20 military personnel received housing documents. For officers and contractors who decided to continue their military service after treatment, rehabilitation and professional retraining, housing specialists selected and prepared their place of residence in selected regions of the country,” the Ministry of Defense said. Additional.

In addition to housing documents, soldiers were awarded certificates of completion of additional vocational training courses, military ranks, certificates of veteranism and state awards during the ceremony.

The head of the military training department, Major General Igor Muravlyannikov, conveyed words of gratitude to the retrained soldiers from the Minister of Defense of Russia, Sergei Shoigu, who noted the courage, courage and courage they showed while performing military duty.

In addition, outstanding soldiers were awarded seven state awards: the Order of Courage, the Zhukov medal and five medals “For Courage”. The awards were awarded in accordance with a decree previously signed by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

As Valery Tolstosheev, vice-president of the Kirov Academy, said, modern prosthetics are selected, manufactured and adjusted for those undergoing treatment.

“A training course was held on how to use it. An individual rehabilitation program was developed for each of you in the future, in which measures will be taken for the care and, if necessary, replacement of prostheses,” the ministry said. I mean

The military department recalled that earlier Shoigu decided to provide the possibility of greater military service for all military personnel who were injured during the special operation and who would express such a desire. The new specialties will allow military personnel to continue their service in new military positions in Department of Defense organizations.

Retraining programs include basic and individual parts. The basis includes federal legislation and regulatory legal documents in the field of state defense and mobilization work, as well as the activities of military commissariats. The individual section aims to provide training according to the position to which the soldier is assigned.

Programs are conducted by qualified employees of the Kirov Military Medical Academy, including candidates of science experienced in the appropriate training of officers.

In addition, the program of assistance to soldiers injured during the special operation provides for the restoration of their health and medical rehabilitation, an individual approach to the determination of further service appointments and a special procedure for military service, the provision of benefits and guarantees. as well as housing.

Source: Ria


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