Post: Borrell: Serbia, Kosovo reach agreement on license plates

Kosovo police checkpoint at Yarinje junction. archive photo

EU diplomacy chief Borrell: Serbia and Kosovo solved the license plate issue

MOSCOW, November 24 – RIA Novosti. The head of EU diplomacy, Josep Borrell, said that Serbia and Kosovo have reached an agreement on the license plate.

“We have a deal! I am delighted to announce that the chief negotiators from Kosovo and Serbia, with the help of the EU, have agreed on measures to avoid further tensions and are fully focused on the proposal to normalize their relations,” Borrell wrote on Twitter. .

He said Serbia has agreed to stop issuing license plates bearing the names of Kosovo cities and has promised that Kosovo will not take further action regarding the re-registration of vehicles.

Borrell added that he will invite the parties to discuss the next steps in the coming days.

Kosovo Albanian authorities demanded that local Serbs be re-registered by Belgrade of all cars with license plates with the letters “KM” on license plates with Kosovo symbols and the inscription “RKS”, and they planned to impose fines starting from November 21st at 150 euros. to violators.

In September last year, self-proclaimed Kosovo authorities banned entry with Serb numbers and deployed a special unit of the Ministry of the Interior (ROSU) to the north of the region. In response, local Serbs blocked the road towards the Yarine and Brnak checkpoints with construction equipment and continued the blockade despite attempts to disperse it. Military personnel in armored vehicles served on the highway from the central Serbian side, helicopters and warplanes flew in the area. Then, in negotiations with the mediation of Western countries, a temporary solution was reached: sticking symbols on the plates at the entrances and exits from Kosovo and Metohija to Central Serbia.

Source: Ria

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