WorldRussia should learn from the Cuban example

Russia should learn from the Cuban example


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The Cuban President flew from Moscow to Beijing. Miguel Diaz-Canel’s visit to Russia and China comes a month after the 60th anniversary of the Cuban Missile Crisis, the most intense moment of the Cold War, when the USA and USSR were closer than ever to nuclear conflict. People like to compare the present with October 1962, but today the situation is fundamentally different: no one in Moscow and Washington seriously plans to use atomic weapons. But for Cuba, the main thing has not changed in all these decades – the same hostility between the United States and even Castro still rules it. Yes, not Fidel, but his younger brother Raul, one of the leaders of the 1959 revolution: even now, without holding any office, he determines the strategic life and politics of the island. But the 91-year-old Raul does not travel abroad – and therefore at the opening of the Fidel monument in Moscow, together with Putin, the head of the Communist Party Diaz-Canel became his successor.

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Fidel was the leader of a small country: Cuba is among the seventh ten countries of the world according to the main indicators, but very influential in the 60-80s. At the forefront of the anti-imperialist movement in those years was Cuba – not the big USSR and China, but a small but proud island. Its influence was not limited to Latin America, extending to the Middle East and Africa – and it was not just ideological but military influence (Cubans fought in Angola and Ethiopia). It is clear that for such an active foreign policy, Cuba derives its resources from its participation in the world socialist camp and, above all, from economic ties with our country. But the choice of strategy on the world stage was determined by the Castro brothers – their revolutionary spirit, their confrontation with the USA and their belief in the victory of socialism on a global scale.

The collapse of the USSR hit the island most strongly: in the 90s, the economy and living standards fell sharply, ties and trade with Russia collapsed. Later, however, Cuba acquired an ally in the form of neighboring Venezuela, which resolved its oil problems and allowed it to perpetuate the socialist system. Yes, the Cuban authorities gradually reformed social relations and the economy – foreign trade came, little private property was allowed – but in general Cuba remains a kind of “reserve of socialism”: of course, not the North Korean type, but very socialism they also built Far from China or Vietnam, but already very market.

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Cuba is a poor but proud state of great importance to Russia. Not just in terms of direct confrontation with the United States – there’s no point in deploying missiles there anymore – but also in terms of economy. Our companies have many projects on the island (not only China but also Western countries such as Canada and France are actively working on) and the projects are really mutually beneficial. Cuba’s tourism opportunities are also huge – and it will not be superfluous at all for our compatriots breaking away from European resorts in the coming years.

But the real significance of Cuba is that we have a lot to learn from it. It is as impossible for Russia not to build a second Cuba as to become a “second Iran”. Russia often cannot reproduce foreign models in its own country – neither American nor German, neither Chinese nor Japanese – and understanding this fact in itself is the most important lesson learned by us after the frenzied collapse of the USSR and the rejection of the socialist socialist style. life. We need our own model, based on our own experiences, but taking into account the experiences of other countries and civilizations.

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The Cuban experience is more interesting than modest, not because of its economic consequences, but because of its persistence in defending its independence. That doesn’t mean we have to turn into a besieged fortress, and Cuba isn’t: it had many connections around the world, even in the toughest years of its 90’s. This does not mean that we should build socialism – we have already turned this page in our history. This does not mean that we should encourage our citizens to make heavy sacrifices over the years in the name of freedom and independence – Russia’s weight and resources cannot be compared to Cuba’s.

But just as Cubans believe, we need to believe in our own ideals and in our ability to stand up to a strong opponent. Yes, there were many who opposed Castro, socialism, and hostility to the United States, but the Americans began a blockade of Cuba – and they did so for purely imperialist reasons. They did not like the fact that some socialists, who not only decided to get rid of the American masters, but also befriended these Russian communists, who were their main geopolitical rivals, came to power in their backyard. The Americans wanted to strangle Cuba, but they could not do so neither in the 60s nor in the 90s, when Moscow was deprived of its support. Castro defied America, and Cuba has opposed it to this day.

Russia has challenged the entire West and wants not only to survive, but also to build a new world order. Naturally, it is not alone and does not trust the “world revolution of the proletariat” (as the Soviet leaders thought 100 years ago), harnessing the energy of the already ongoing global transformation of the world order and the crisis of both the West and the West. The Atlantic model of globalization. The fight for Ukraine is only the first part of our battle for success, in which we must believe in our victory, in ourselves and in our strength. Not only in Ukraine – here we understand that we are bringing back the lost unity, we do not allow the temporary division to become permanent – but in general. We must be convinced that we will stand on the world stage because the objective course of world history is working for us. We must make sure that we can defend even our ideals that are still not fully understood by the elite and are still formulated after decades of mindless consumerism. Moreover, to defend them both on the world stage and at home, to build the social system that conforms to our national laws and notions of justice. Internal and external struggles are inseparable: it is impossible to win on the world stage without believing in what you have built at home.

Fidel Castro believed in what he was fighting for. And speaking at the opening of the monument, Vladimir Putin said that the Commander “devotes his whole life to the victory of the ideas of goodness, peace and justice, to the selfless struggle for the freedom of oppressed peoples, for a good life.” ordinary people and social equality.” Speaking of relations between Cuba and Russia, the president said that “we will continue to work together to defend great values ​​such as freedom, equality and justice.”

All of us, not just Putin, need to truly believe in our ability to defend our right to an independent, just and united Russia in a new world devoid of Western hegemony. This confidence in one’s ideals and strengths is Castro’s prime example for us.

Source: Ria

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