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Post: Al-Sana Al-Emirati. Lecture by Laban Dalmuk


Abu Dhabi (Al Ittihad)
His Highness Abdullah Hamdan Bin Dalmouk, Executive Director of the Hamdan Bin Mohammed Centre, embodies the national message addressed to the local community and school and raises awareness of the heritage pillars to build a new generation armed with their culture, morals and national identity. Heritage Revival, in collaboration with Umm Al Quwain Falaj Al Mualash Bint Al Shat School, presented an awareness conference entitled “Emirati Sanaa and our folk heritage”.

The conference was presented in two phases, the first with school-aged children and included several axes during which Bin Dalmuk spoke about the importance of respecting parents and obeying them and the need to follow their instructions because they are based on your love . Their children and their strong desire to be successful and effective in their society in the future also brought up the theme of cooperation and unity between them. in the success and superiority of the state in all spheres of life.

He also urged them to protect their heritage and popular heritage to maintain and preserve their national identity. The lecture included a poem counting activity in which several students recited a set of local Nabataean poems.

In the second phase of the conference, the parents of the students, in addition to the teachers and supervisors of the Bint Al-Shati School, Bin Dalmouk started it with the poem “Education builds a house that has no foundation”, emphasizing the importance . The mother’s role in society, considering her the pillar of the family and the guarantee of its success and continuity, stressing that our children should not be underestimated and we should work to find their creative aspects and focus on their development, as each one child is a responsible future project that has its own role and importance for our country in the future.

And considered that any investment in an Emirati girl is a successful investment, which certainly guarantees an educated generation that stands on a solid foundation of authentic Emirati values ​​and customs, and that the mother is the best role model for the daughter. Focus on being proud and protecting the country’s heritage, customs and dialect in the family, which is a guarantee of harmony for him and moving forward.

  • Logo of the Hamdan Bin Mohammed Center for Heritage Revival
    Logo of the Hamdan Bin Mohammed Center for Heritage Revival

Bin Dalmouk concluded his speech by saying that our future is a reflection of our children’s education and as long as we work hard and put our efforts into their education at this stage, our harvest will be abundant.

Sheikha Naya Al-Ghafli, Director of Bint Al-Shat School, thanked the Hamdan Bin Mohammed Center for Heritage Revival for this initiative, which she considered one of the main pillars of the educational, effective and influential process of people in her community. ????????

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