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Post: After the release of the Moskvich plant, the Germans admitted that the sanctions were in vain.


“Moskvich” car on the production line of the Moscow Automobile Plant “Moskvich”

Spiegel readers agreed that the sanctions were in vain after the launch of the Moskvich automobile plant.

MOSCOW, November 24 – RIA Novosti. The news about the resumption of car production “Moskvich” caused an enthusiastic reaction from readers of the German newspaper. Spiegel.

On the eve of Moscow, mass production of the Moskvich-3 crossover was launched, the sales of which will begin in December.

Spiegel readers saw evidence of the ineffectiveness of anti-Russian sanctions in the resumption of production, and also recalled the positive qualities of the Soviet Moskvich.

“It is clear that the sanctions against the Russian Federation do not achieve their purpose, they only strengthen the Russian economy, determined for consistent and well thought-out tasks,” MrEchoBravo wrote.

He added that against this background, Germany has a budget deficit, a shortage of energy resources and a galloping inflation.

Saying that he has been using Moskvich for 20 years, Nochklarimkopf pointed to the reliability and simplicity of the car’s design.

“This is an indestructible, durable machine that won’t let you down in the heat, cold, snow or rain. But, of course, it’s not for some current folks who need a toy car stuffed with various additional functions.”

“I have nothing against a car where you can replace the turn signal bulb yourself without removing half the car,” said Aquaris_2200.

ElNebuloso and other users agreed with him.

“The Moskvich is a cult car. Millions will love it. So do I,” Kaja said.

In March 2022, the French company Renault announced that it was closing its Moscow automobile plant and leaving the Russian market. At the same time, the former owner did not leave any technology, design documents or components that would enable production at the factory. But there were debts to the workforce for a salary of 2021 – 691 million rubles, which the Moscow government paid as soon as the owner of Moskvich. The revitalization of the Moskvich automobile plant will take place in three phases with an implementation period of 6 years. Its own dealer network is already being created for the sale and maintenance of Moskvich cars.

Source: Ria

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