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Post: Putin asked to set targets for planes with delivery dates


Russian President Vladimir Putin. archive photo

President Putin said we need target missions with deadlines for the Armed Forces.

MOSCOW, November 24 – RIA Novosti. Russian President Vladimir Putin said that no extraordinary measures are planned, it is necessary to see if everything is enough for the RF Armed Forces, we need target missions with deadlines.

“We have agreed and there is no need to take extraordinary measures – nothing needs to be done. But it is necessary to create a clear, high-quality, well-coordinated work,” Putin said at a meeting with members of the Coordination Council. RF under the government to meet the needs of the Armed Forces.

The head of state noted that the establishment of such work is “generally useful, but in this case it is simply necessary.”

Putin also noted that the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation must be provided in a timely manner with everything necessary during the special operation: equipment, equipment, medicine and monetary assistance. In addition, according to the president, it is necessary to ensure that construction works are carried out for military purposes.

“For each of these areas, targets should be established with clear production schedules and delivery times for whatever is most needed,” he said.

On October 21, the President of Russia signed a decree approving the regulations on the coordination council and its formation. The tasks of the structure include making decisions on the supply of weapons, military and special equipment, materials and resources to the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. The Coordination Council will set the target mission as well as the deadlines to meet the needs of the RF Armed Forces during a special military operation and monitor the implementation of the mission. The Council will also assist in the creation of military infrastructure facilities, including the process of creating databases of mobilization resources, coordinating digitalization, automation and information and analytical support in the defense field.

Source: Ria

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