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Post: Merkel admitted that she was not allowed to have a dialogue with Putin.


Vladimir Putin and Angela Merkel during the meeting. archive photo

Merkel admitted that she was not allowed to have a dialogue with Putin before leaving her post as chancellor.

BERLIN, 24 November – RIA Novosti. angela merkel At the end of his reign as Chancellor of Germany, he admitted that he could not influence the development around Ukraine and at the EU level to achieve a new negotiation format with Moscow.

“It was no surprise (the start of special operations in Ukraine). The Minsk agreements were undermined. After the meeting of Presidents Biden and Putin in the summer of 2021, I asked once again, together with Emmanuel Macron. Merkel said in an interview with Spiegel, Putin at the EU Council some objected, and I no longer had the strength to force it, because everyone knew: “it will leave in the fall”.

According to him, if he put forward his candidacy again, he would continue his search for a meeting with the president of Russia. But on his farewell visit to Moscow, he felt that his time had passed in the context of power politics.

“In terms of foreign policy, I couldn’t go one mile further in what we’ve been trying to do over and over. It’s not just about Ukraine. Transnistria and Moldova, Georgia and Abkhazia, Syria and Libya. The new approach,” he added.

However, Merkel admitted that she is still pleased that she has given Ukraine an advantage in preparation through the Minsk agreements.

Earlier, former Russian Prime Minister Sergei Stepashin said in a meeting with RIA Novosti that former German Chancellor Angela Merkel is the main politician who persuaded Russian President Vladimir Putin to sign the Minsk agreements, without them Russia could already solve the problem. saving the so-called “Novorossia” from the Nazis.

Source: Ria

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