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China sets record number of COVID-19 cases for third consecutive day


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China fixes daily anti-record for number of people infected with COVID-19 for third consecutive day

BEIJING, November 26 – RIA Novosti. For the third day in a row, China sets a daily record for the number of COVID-19 cases detected during the entire pandemic period; 35,183 cases, mostly asymptomatic, were recorded in the country last day. , originates from the data of the State Health Committee of the People’s Republic of China.

The previous maximum was recorded on Thursday and Friday, when 31,656 and 32,943 new cases of COVID-19 were reported, before that, the highest incidence of coronavirus infections in China fell in mid-April this year, followed by a major epidemic and lockdown. In Shanghai, the daily increase in the number of new cases in the country exceeded 29.4 thousand.

The vast majority of those infected in the last 24 hours are asymptomatic carriers – 31,709 people (of which 31,504 cases of local infection, 205 imported), 3,474 people with confirmed COVID-19 have symptoms of the disease (3,405 local cases, 69 imports).

The other day most of the new cases were detected in the southern Guangdong province (1016 confirmed, 7406 asymptomatic), a new 80,000-bed quarantine center is being built in Beijing (587 confirmed, 2009 asymptomatic), where partial lockdown has been initiated in some areas in a Chongqing Central Government City ( 202 confirmed, 7522 asymptomatic).

A total of 304,093 cases of infection with COVID-19 symptoms were recorded in mainland China during the pandemic, with 5,232 deaths, according to authorities. Asymptomatic cases of infection in China are considered separately, there are no statistics on them for the entire pandemic period.

In recent months, China has again seen a deterioration in the epidemiological situation due to multiple local COVID-19 outbreaks, so partial lockdowns have been introduced in some cities and people have to undergo PCR testing every day. Therefore, from November 24, restrictive measures have been tightened against the backdrop of an increase in COVID-19 cases in a number of major Chinese cities.

In Beijing, where the epidemiological situation began to gradually worsen in early November, public transport, government and party departments, manufacturing and other businesses, shopping and business centers, supermarkets, hotels and hostels, cafes and restaurants, as well as visiting tourist attractions from Thursday , you must show a negative result of a PCR test performed within the last 48 hours for a test performed within the last 72 hours to qualify. You are also required to submit a negative PCR test result within the last 24 hours to enter some office buildings and participate in offline activities such as daily briefings at the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Authorities describe the current epidemiological situation in the capital as critical.

China has adhered to a policy of zero tolerance to the virus almost from the very beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, and China’s anti-epidemiological control is still one of the strictest in the world.

Source: Ria

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