WorldThe designer spoke about the domestic components in the...

The designer spoke about the domestic components in the Dobrynya drone


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UAV “Dobrynya”. archive photo

Designer Shcherbakov: “Dobrynya” drone has a significant share of domestic components

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MOSCOW, December 1 – RIA Novosti. The Dobrynya drone, manufactured by the Almaz-Antey concern, has a significant share of domestic components, in particular, the drone has a domestic controller, frame, boards and electric motors, Yegor Shcherbakov, chief designer of civil developments at the Obukhov Plant, said on Thursday RIA Novosti’ he told to.

Earlier, a number of military bloggers and experts voiced their criticism of Dobrynya. Thus, it was noted that “Dobrynya” was assembled from completely foreign parts.

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“Domestic: case, fasteners, wires. Frame, case, placement, flight controller and software are our own design. Printed circuit boards are made in Russia. In the first series of drones there are imported ones: a camera, video and telemetry transmitters, engine speed controller, antennas. Both domestic and imported engines and batteries were installed.”

According to him, the share of components can be calculated according to different criteria, and according to Almaz-Antey criteria, the volume of drone localization is around 70% and will increase today.

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Shcherbakov emphasized that Almaz-Antey does not declare 100% independent production for all parts.

“We are talking about our development. Dobrynya is a product of the work of our engineers and designers. Naturally, there are components that are easier to buy than to manufacture, but their share is constantly decreasing,” added the designer.

He also noted that the drone is currently intended for the civilian market.

“The product is constantly being updated, the share of components of its own design is increasing. At the next stage, the UAV will receive a control panel with a built-in display of its own design. Own control channels – telemetry and video transmission, AZNV transmitter for assignment in the airspace,” said Shcherbakov.

Source: Ria

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