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Post: Eight people suspected of complicity with the Ukrainian Armed Forces were detained in the Kherson region.


Police officer. archive photo

In the Kherson region, eight suspects were detained in a month for complicity with the Armed Forces of Ukraine

SIMFEROPOL, 1 December – RIA Novosti. In November, eight law enforcement officers were detained in the Kherson region, suspected of complicity in sabotage groups and fire pickets of Ukrainian soldiers. telegraph channel District Ministry of Internal Affairs.

“Over the past month, law enforcement detained 8 people as members of sabotage and reconnaissance groups or as observers and lookouts suspected of aiding armed formations in Ukraine,” the statement said on the results of the police’s work in November.

In total, in November 2022, police officers recorded 770 crimes and 38 crimes in the Kherson district. During the operations, 114 illegally circulated weapons were seized, including 7 machine guns, 16 pistols, 16 grenade launchers, 73 hunting rifles and self-defense weapons.

More than 67,500 ammunition was captured, including about 1,000 rounds and mines, 210 grenade launcher charges, 813 grenades, 27 detonators, more than 61,200 rifle cartridges, 4,400 shotgun and self-defense cartridges, and more. According to the Ministry of Interior, 3 kilos of gunpowder and 10.5 kilos of explosives were seized.

Source: Ria

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