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Post: Musk starts banning fake Twitter accounts


American businessman and owner of the social network “Twitter” Elon Musk said that the social network began to ban fake accounts.

And Musk posted a tweet on the platform’s personal page, saying: “The network has started to remove many fake accounts, so the number of followers will decrease.”

Musk previously said that this process would happen and that the network decided to delay the resumption of the sale of verification subscriptions until the management of the online platform was convinced of the possibility of prohibiting users from impersonating other people.

And in early December, European Commissioner for Market Affairs Thierry Breton warned Musk to do more to combat fake news on Twitter, in line with EU law.

Bruton said Twitter must implement transparent policies, strengthen content moderation, protect free speech, crack down on misinformation and limit targeted advertising.

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Source: Al Ittihad

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