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Post: Before officially assuming the Ministry of National Security, Ben Gvir had a discussion with the Chief of the General Staff of Israel.


Israeli far-right Itamar Ben Gvir, who is poised to take over as security in Benjamin Netanyahu’s government, traded blows with the army chief on Wednesday over the arrest of a soldier who had provoked leftist activists in the occupied West Bank.

Ben Gvir, leader of the ultranationalist Jewish Power Party, criticized the soldier’s 10-day detention after he was filmed on Friday warning pro-Palestinian activists in the troubled city of Hebron: “Ben Gvir will change the landscape of this place. ????????

Ben Gvir, promised by Netanyahu as national security minister with expanded powers over police in the West Bank, tweeted on Tuesday that the decision was too harsh and demoralized the soldiers.

He also appeared in a music video accompanied by the soldier’s father, demanding that the army reconsider the verdict, appearing to criticize Chief of Staff Aviv Kochavi.

“We will not allow any politician, left or right, to interfere with commanders’ decisions or use the military to further a political agenda,” Kochav was quoted as saying by Armias in a telephone conversation on Twitter. The battalion and brigade commanders to which the soldier belongs.

Ben Gvir also took to Twitter to accuse Kochavi of making inappropriate political statements and made it clear that he did not intend to intervene in disciplinary actions taken by the leaders, demanding a change in policy.

This criticism was followed by discontent in the Israeli leadership. President Isaac Herzog said at the event that it was important to have a moral debate, but that “partisan forces should not meddle in politics.”

Netanyahu urged the military to distance itself from any “political debate” on Twitter.

Netanyahu’s Likud party announced on Friday that it had reached an agreement over ministerial posts with the Jewish Power after the right-wing faction’s list came third in the November 1 parliamentary election.

The arrest of Najim Ben Gwiri, a West Bank settler whose record includes convictions in 2007 for anti-Arab incitement and support for an ultra-Orthodox group on terrorist lists in Israel and the United States, has caused consternation in Israel and abroad. ???????? ????????

Ben Gvir says his stances have become more moderate, including expelling those he considers terrorists or traitors rather than all Arabs, and easing rules to open fire on forces facing Palestinian unrest.

Source: EuroNews

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